Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Book Launch Date Set

The book has been sent to the printer and the launch date and place for Darkness Visible has been set:
The Bost Building as it appeared in 1892
Saturday, March 17th, 3 p.m. 
Bost Building in the Rivers of Steel National Heritage Area 
623 E. Eighth Avenue
Homestead, PA
Newly built in 1892, the Bost Building served as union headquarters during the lockout and strike, and is listed as a National Historic Landmark.  A scene from the novel takes place in the building.
     If you're coming to the launch, come early and walk the streets where much of the action of the book takes place:
The Waterfront shopping complex, former site of the Homestead Works of Carnegie Steel. The Jones-Phillips house would have been somewhere in the Target parking lot.
Eighth Avenue: Doctor's office, saloons, General Office Building for Carnegie Steel
Tenth Avenue: Doctor's house and Pump House: site of the Battle for Homestead

The Bost Building today.

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